I am a Mountain Being

I come alive in the mountains and energize from simply being there. I love the ever-changing environment and the unknown you find in the mountains. No matter which mountain, I always get the same feeling when I’m there; I am complete and I belong.

Mountain beings, or mountain folk, enjoy the elements, uncertainty and adventure that being in the mountains brings. More than anything, they love to challenge themselves in a place where you have to adapt, to learn and make the best of what the wilderness gives you.

Mountain folk love the cool, fresh air that surrounds them. They love that there’s forests, rivers and lakes that provide contrast to the top of a mountain where you can see for miles on end, sometimes being the only person there. It’s a place where you have to be aware of your surroundings, to adapt and be able to tough it out. You enjoy the fact that not everyone can hack it. It’s an environment that makes you focus on what’s important, and gives you the excitement of being challenged mentally and physically.

Careful and considerate people, a mountain being chooses things to help them enjoy the outdoors that are well designed and made to last in a harsh environment. They trust those things to keep them safe, so look after their things and their surroundings in return.

Inquisitive by nature, mountain beings need to build trust with the products they use and the people around them. Stories help them get to know people and products, so they can rely on them in the extremes of mountain environments.

 A mountain being lives in a structure that provides shelter from the elements and has natural beauty. Likely crafted from wood or stone, always from materials found locally and has probably been made by the owners, with their friends helping hands. The home for mountain folk is social, cosy, welcoming, comfortable and familiar equally enjoyed alone or with others.