Sneaker Week - New Balance

This week's sneaker round-up is a wish list of womens footwear from New Balance! I've selected my favourites from their US and Australia websites because I wanted to include what I think are the best to suit my outdoor lifestyle. 

In the 7 weeks since we started 2020, this Melbourne summer has been interesting! Air quality warnings due to the horrendous bushfires, torrential downpours and lightning storms followed by searing 40 degree centigrade heat! Thankfully, we've had days to get out and enjoy Mother Nature! And I need suitable footwear to get me through my week outdoors.

1. Walk to Work

As an Outdoor Urbanite, the first thing I want is style. Secondly I want comfort. I've chosen the Fresh Foam 1165 in Elderberry from the US site. These sneakers are specifically made for walking, and New Balance state "this fitness walking shoe offers premium cushioning to support your every step. The lightweight synthetic/mesh upper breathes easy and offers secure support without weighing you down." Sounds good to me, and I'd be perfectly happy striding out in these on my way to work.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1165 Womens Sneaker in Elderberry 

2. City Trip Gallery & Night Market

I want something sleek, stylish and comfortable. A shoe that doesn't really look like a trainer, so what better than metallic? The 574 Worn Metallic in Smoked Salt Peach hit the mark. With foam sole and textile upper, these are a choice for those who want sneakers made from non-animal products. New Balance don't call them out as vegan shoes, but I suppose they would be.

Personally, I'd prefer a leather upper. I find leather shoes to be more durable and certainly more comfortable and less likely to smell, but that's my personal choice.

New Balance US Womens Sneakers 574 Worn Metallic Smoked Salt Peach

3. Street Art Festival

90's retro is the best way to go. Fluro all the way! The 850's are spot on and available in Australia. Boom! These sneakers are all about the look. But they have hidden comforts such as the ABZORB midsole that "absorbs impact through a combination of cushioning and compression resistance". The uppers are a mix of suede and mesh, the colour choice gives a fresh look to the Bring Back Retro 850 that first hit the shelves back in 1996. 

New Balance 850 Sneakers in Bone Tahitian Pink

I can't actually believe it! Went to Can't Do Tomorrow festival last weekend, and saw the exact same sneakers on display! I guess I've got a 6th sense for these things!

New Balance 90s Style Trainers at Can't Do Tomorrow Festival

4. Weekend Hike

The Fresh Foam Crag v2 are the ultimate in fashion meets function. These trail shoes are the ultimate outdoor urbanite gear. Suitable for all terrains, the soles are rugged enough to deal with rough ground and the cushioning is comfortable and light weight. And the Crag 2's look good too, the perfect outdoor urbanite footwear!

New Balance US Womens Trainers Fresh Foam Crag v2 Stone with Neon Blue

5. Gym Day

I want a cross training shoe that fits and supports well, is great for walking to the gym but also gives me the comfort to do a little running. Well, more like jogging for me! The Minimus 20v7 have Vibram soles and a mesh upper, so look to fit the bill. 

New Balance Australia Minimus 20v7 Sneakers in Multi Phantom & Ginger Pink

6. Beach Day

Floral slides with a twist, that's the New Balance 200's! I'm not a fan of all-white slides or sandals because they can easily look grubby, so the contrast sole and the tropical floral design help add that certain je ne sais quois!

New Balance US Womens 200 Slides White Floral with Fluro Orange

7. Brunch 

Sunday morning is the ultimate in laid back vibe, that's why the 202 slides are my go-to choice. Simple design, striking colour and minimal effort - all that's needed. Currently only available online in the US, but would fit the Down Under vibe perfectly!

New Balance US Womens 202 Slides in Ginger Pink Fluro Orange

New Balance shoes and apparel is sold in over 170 countries worldwide. Started in 1909 in Boston, Massachusetts, the brand is still fiercely independent after more than a century. The footwear brand has been championing responsible leadership for the last 10 years. This means the company has spent over a decade putting ethics, recycling, colleague engagement and sustainable production at the forefront of its' business strategy. That's the kind of company The Outdoor Urbanites like to keep.